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Next Generation Sound Healing
a multi-sensory experience

  • Connect with your inner wisdom by healthy light & sound frequencies 

  • Light & Sound in the frequency of your brainwaves.

  • Shortcut into deep restorative meditation and relaxation states

  • Traditional sound healing amplified by modern science

NEURO TUNING Light & Sound Bath

NEURO TUNING Light & Sound Bath

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Can not focus?

Just want to relax?

Experience altered states of consciousness?

We have the solution:
Neuro Tuning Light & Sound Bath stimulates:



  • Stay alert and focused

  • Improve your cognition

  • Increase creativity and intuition

  • Meditation state reached within minutes

  • Experience altered states of consciousness

  • Access to astral travel and inner journeying

  • Stimulate the pineal gland

  • Induce body self-healing


  • Stress relief

  • Elevate your mood

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Overcome anxiety and stress

  • Fight depression

DIVE into your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND through scientifically designed frequencies of light & sound.

The effect of traditional live sound healing is amplified by neuroscientifically proven techniques and implemented in Light & Sound Bath to stimulate brain waves to achieve easily deep restorative relaxation and meditation states.

Most people experience Hypnagogia which naturally happens to you right before or after sleep. During this “threshold consciousness” phase, between your conscience and sub-conscience mind (theta waves), some people experience lucid thoughts, lucid dreaming or hallucinations comparable to some hallucinogenic drugs like DMT and psilocybin mushrooms without any side effect.

What we do

Light & Sound Bioresonance Bath is a next generation sound healing experience which takes things to the next level.

The effect of traditional live sound healing is augmented through neuro scientifically proven techniques implemented into sound & light to stimulate your brainwaves.
A shortcut to access mediation states.

Get stimulated through a guided holotrophic breathing sequence while lying down. 
Close your eyes, relax and enjoy the journey into you inner self.
After each session users often feel like coming out of deep sleep, energized, relaxed and focused.

Sessions, guided by experienced coaches, are designed for 45 - 90 min.

What is happening in your brain?

Your brain is made up of millions of neurons that communicate through electrical impulses.
Electrical impulses are vibrations.
These can be stimulated with sound & light by scientifically proven techniques like DAT, FFR, Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones
Your body consists of 70% water which makes is perfect to transport vibrations.  

Besides the brain wave influencing fact sound & light can even do more:

Memories are stored in so called cluster which are located all over in your head.
These areas are connected via neurons in kind of data high way for faster transmission. Habits are being stored.

Sound & light can stimulate different areas of your brain which gives you the chance to experience new thoughts besides your normal habits.   

“I flew like limitless through the universum which became myself.
My own borders dissolved.”


“I lost track of time and my thoughts slowed down like in a meditation session.
My body melted down. overall, i felt a refreshment on my state of mind.”


“I felt like my brain got a massage of love.”


“Deep relaxed at wide awake afterwards.”

“I experienced inner peace similar like in yoga nidra.”

— Natascha Kaut

— Onur Tevfik

— Manuela Heilmann

— Mirja Trimbos

— Benita Auterinen


Our Meditations/Affirmations are specifically and safely designed by experienced and holistic coaches, trainers and Meditation teachers. Our team is dedicated to produce positive, effective, and enjoyable Meditations and Affirmations applicable for daily use and various life situations.


As a holistic Life Coach and Energy Healer, I work with people all over the world; from college students to entrepreneurs, leaders, healers, to mindful corporations on creating a downstream life by design.


As a leader in directing big corporate shows as well as a creator of arts and coach for leadership trainings I have profited tremendously from yoga and meditation.
So this led me on a deep exploration and learning curve in these fields and it became a big part of my teachings and  coachings in leadership as well as team buildings for all kinds of companies.


I started  to produce my own modern way of spiritual music - combing western science t with ancient wisdom. I found the chance to boost creativity, high performance, concentration, relaxation, meditation. So I combined this sounds with the intention of different mental trainers to boost their trainings.

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