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Ivo Vossen -
Sound Alchemist,
Music Producer

Resonance Space (founder Ivo Vossen) is a platform for Next Generation Light & Sound & Vibrational Healing.
Made in Germany by Resonance Space.

With over 1.5 million streams, Resonance Space is one of the most famous names in brainwave entrainment.
I compose and design sounds, light and vibrations for easier access your own potential through scientifically proven techniques.
Neuro Tuning, a form of biohacking, enables states of deep healing meditation to restful sleep. and  to the productive flow states necessary for work. My Neuro-Tuning Light & Sound Baths have already brought me from the USA to Asia and China - with sessions f.e. at Native Instruments Space or workshops for Mercedes at the AI ​​summit in Amsterdam. My latest development is a Neuro Tuning Body Resonance Bed. Sound & Light & Vibrations for the deepest healing relaxation states as well as to release mental and physical blockages.

After starting to meditate and doing Yoga again on an inspiring trip to Bali but being annoyed by the New Age music it became obvious to produce my own modern way of spiritual music - combing western science to influence your brainwaves and emotions with ancient wisdom. With these scientifically proofen brainwave influencing techniques I found the chance to boost creativity, high performance, concentration, relaxation, meditation. Therefore I combined this sounds with the intention of different mental instructors to boost their sessions.

I was born in the 70ties, spending my childhood with traveling to unknown countries and the inspiration of several different cultures with my parents being anthropologists. The first music I remember was the beat of African drums. Starting with classical guitar at the age of 6 my roots became a mixture of classical music and ethno sound. On my 11th birthday I got an electric guitar which absolutely changed my life - and the life of my poor parents. Since then I played in different rock and jazz bands until the digital revolution opened new possibilities of combing all sounds of the world. So I in my 20th I became a producer, composer / programmer and sound engineer, traveling with different bands like Parcels, Deichkind, The Baseballs, Anouar Brahem all around the world. With 35 I started to produce some Kundalini Mantra CDs f.e. the band „Tera Naam“ which brought me back to my spiritual roots and exploring the science of sound. I deepened my knowledge and worked with different international coaches like the QiGong and TCM Master Daniel Li Ox (China), the psych.l expert Elli Richter (USA) or leadership trainer Nick Janckel (UK).

2017 I launched my website resonance space - a platform for sounds and mediations - scientifically optimized to boost focus and relaxation. To be able to perform the various tasks of our daily lives, the brain uses different brain wave patterns. You can optimize and influence these patterns by sounds.I combined this ancient wisdom with modern science and medical knowledge and mental training. Since 2018 I also offer Neuro Tuning Light & Sound Baths (NTLS Bath) all around the world from China to the USA in different locations like Native Instruments Space or workshops for Mercedes at the AI summit in Amsterdam.

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