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Kill Your Superman to Find Your Wonder Woman.
Heal from heartbreak, stop self sabotaging and create the love and lifestyle you've always wanted. @relationship.renegades
“Sick and tired of toxic, unhealthy relationships? We are too. You're here because you believe that regardless of the challenges you have faced in your past, it's still possible to create the love and lifestyle you’ve always wanted.” - Emilio Palafox & Rachele Brooke Smith are here to help you do that through their meditations, masterminds, private coaching, and their weekly Radio Show, where they co-create a world where healthy, connected and fully alive relationships are the new norm.

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Relationship Renegades: Links: 

Relationship Renegades - Instagram

FREE Relationship Renegades - Tribe

FREE Relationship Renegades - Radio Show Playlist


Emilio Palafox (Relationship Renegades)
& Ivo Vossen (Resonance Space)

For best results please listen with headphones
or in the center of speakers of high quality.

A high quality soundtrack for co-creating the love & lifestyle you've always wanted.

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