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We are a trail-blazing leadership and personal development company. Our purpose is to give people the tools and experiences they need to unleash conscious breakthroughs in their life and in their work as leaders. This is made possible by our unique and rigorous Switch On Way methodology, which ensures anyone in any field of human endeavor can lead breakthroughs that create a more thriving world for all.

Alison McAulay
A former US elite gymnast, contemporary dance teacher, turned craniosacral therapist, yogi, healer, author and pioneer in life and leadership transformation – always with an embodiment edge.

Nick Jankel
An award-winning, Cambridge-educated thought leader, author, professional speaker and pioneer in life and leadership transformation.


Resonance Space - Switch On Now

For best results please listen with headphones
or in the center of speakers of high quality.

An album of guided transformational tracks to bring peace and possibility to your mind and body each day.

  1. Feel Spacious - Slow down the inner chatter through conscious breathing and mindful visualizations. Contains high theta waves. Good to feel calm and connected while commuting or sitting at your desk.

  2. Take A Bath In Love - Sink into a steaming hot bath of limitless love and ease away the aches and pains of life’s worry and stress. Contains alpha waves. Best experienced sitting down or lying down for real relaxation.

  3. Transform Your Habits - Transform negative thoughts into positive beliefs and habits. Contains alpha waves. Ideal for reinventing yourself and reprogramming your life while jogging, walking to work and more.

  4. Rewire Your Beliefs In 2 Minutes A Day - Build the feeling of confidence and empowerment whilst visualizing the person you are meant to be as a leader in your life. Contains alpha waves. Ideal just before a meeting, at work or socially.

  5. Tap Into Intuition - Listen for your truth and inner guidance. Make better decisions in life and leadership. Contains theta waves. Great for moments of reflection before choices must be made.

  6. From Stress into Stillness - Calm your nervous system down after a busy day. Feel everything slow down and recharge. Contains delta waves. Ideal as you go to bed to get a great night’s sleep.

  7. Be Love & Be Loved - Feel connected to yourself, others and the world through massive heart expansion. Be ready to love fully and be loved by yourself and others. Melt into the oneness. Contains alpha waves and theta waves. Best experienced when you want a moment of bliss.

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