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Sounds and Meditations Neuro-Scientifically Optimized to Boost your Creativity, High Performance, Concentration, Relaxation and Meditation. 

To be able to perform the various tasks of our daily lives, the brain uses different brain waves patterns. You can optimize and influence these patterns with sounds.

Meditation and Focussing Easy
Increase Your Focus
Reduce Your Distractions

The Science




Sounds can influence your brain activity.
This ancient knowledge, already being used in shamanism for centuries, is scientifically applied here at Resonance Space.
Resonance Space was developed on the basis of the research of Georg Oyster from the year 1973 and supported by many studies.
The effects of those binaural beats, solfeggio scale, isochronic tones and asmr are confirmed in several scientific test.

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The Sounds




With these scientifcally proven sounds, your brainwaves are shifting from normal consciousness (beta waves) to theta waves. This opens your mind, reduces distractions, and allows for new, more positive ideas to imprint in your subconsciousness mind-a-form of self hypnosis.

You can distinguish your several states of consciousness by your different brainwaves, measured by EEGs.
Each brain activity has its own measurable brainwave pattern which can be influenced by our resonance space sounds.

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For best results of those scientifically optimized sounds use HEADPHONES or HIGH Quality SPEAKER. 
The usage is not advised for Epileptic.

The Mediations/


Our Meditations/Affirmations are specifically and safely designed by experienced and holistic coaches, trainers and Meditation teachers.
Our team is dedicated to produce positive, effective, and enjoyable Meditations and Affirmations applicable for daily use and various life situations.

Your experience of Meditation/ Affirmation practice is enhanced through solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats, asmr, and isochronic tones, making this type of practice especial powerful.

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